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A handy Billing software for any business by OfferPlant By adding this application to your business you are one step ahead in making more by concentarting more on your product than billing headache.

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Billing Services

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We provide a better and customize way to enhance your billing of any type of business

  • Instant Billing
  • Without Product and Customer
“Digital Billing Application Software, provides more flexible business than you think, So what are you thinking just go and use it. ”
Saurabh NagbanshiOfferPlant,Founder

Daily Sale Report

You can get daily sale report which shows product reach.

Manage Expense

Easy manage of your overall expense daily to yearly

SMS on Billing

Auto Send SMS on every bill creation.

Customer Ledger

A customer ledger is a record of all of a company's accounts receivable.


All industries that can use billow for their convenience

Saloon & Spa



Fruits & Vegetables

Sweets & Fast Food




Advantage of using our products

We are providing more than you think

Create Billing Without Adding Product

Auto Create Customer Ledger With Mobile

Daily Sale And Expense Report On Whatsapp

Print Invoice And PDF Share

Manage Unlimited Expense Category

No Product and Invoice Limit

Supply Payment Settlement

Discount Management (Flat & %)


About Us

Billow is an online billing system for any type of business which covers almost everything related to billing, By having this you can print invoice,instant sale,unlimited product,and many more.

It grow your business by putting every detail at one place in a convenient way.You can manage any of the bill very effectively and efficiently.

  • You can maintain customer ledger
  • Graphical Report shows how much you profit.
  • Expense and Sale Report

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